TypeDrawing originally started with online project in Jan 2005. Since then, a number of users have made fun and arty drawings using this program. Also, TypeDrawing has been featured on various famous websites like theFWA, and won several awards such as from FlashForward.

In 2009, TypeDrawing iPhone version was released, and after one year, iPad version was released. Both iPhone and iPad version are way better than online version. It is much easier to draw by using your fingers (not a mouse), and many great features were added. You can use any color & any language, and you can save and print what you draw, which is not available on the web version.
If you want to see cool typedrawing works made with iPhone and iPad version, visit flickr group.

Unfortunately, there is no update plan for the web(flash) version as of yet. If you want to use full features of TypeDrawing, I recommend to use iPhone and iPad version.