01/Open Space
02/Sound Journey

It seems to that there were always something in the open space. They existed by chance. They might have existed on purpose.
It is not necessary to ask what they will make at the end.
However, they exist now like this.
– by sillabub

I can hear some sound from the open space. Or, the open space makes all kinds of sounds. The place where I stand makes sound, and I make also sound.
Continuously the low sound and the loud sound cross each other in the open space.
Sometimes the sounds are so much morphed and re-analyzed that I cannot recognize them. It became traces which are familiar or unfamiliar.
The sounds can be heard. But, sometimes they cannot be heard.
This is the attraction of the open space and the sounds.
The circle open space and sounds don¡¯t exist in real world.
– by storyabout