3 March 2005

TYPEDRAWiNG : Flash Forward 2005 SF – Finalist (part : Typography)
I am so honored. Typedrawing project is awarded by [Flashforward >> San Francisco 2005].
I am really lucky guy! and please vote for me^^. very thanks in advance
*[Flashforward >> San Francisco 2005] site
*[Flashforward >> San Francisco 2005] Finalist
*[Flashforward >> San Francisco 2005] Vote! page

25 January 2005

new project : TYPEDRAWiNG
This is my new project : A New Type Board . I named this software “typedrawing”.
I feel a great interest in application or software to communicate and represent one’s mind and thougth through internet. Board(bbs) is very easy and useful thing for communicating. and board is evolving day by day such as blog. but why we have to type words in the same way such as typing from left to right.
that is typical and easy to recognize but not interesting, sometimes boring.
This is one of the easy and exquisite way of showing one’s word. You can say anything with your letters by drawing them.
Feel free to represent your types and words to say. It’s just a easy and funny thing.
I’m looking for your beautiful typedrawing and take a look around other’s work.

5 November 2004
Something is added on
Design Works – Identity and WebDesign/Application – and Board are added on this site.
23 October 2004
I rebuilt my site But there are many works remained incompletely. Getting Better day by day!
September 2004
Processing Program
I’ve got the processing program. I am so lucky to know this program. It is wonderful!
They say “Processing is a programming language and environment built for the electronic arts and visual design communities. … Processing is an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas.”
23 May 2004

Open | ver3.0
This is the site of gallery-theater. Gallery-theater is the theatrical group whose core motto is “Image is the most dramatic, Also drama is the most imaginary” It was very interesting work for me to design gallery-theater’s website. and I admire the people of gallery-theater.

April 2004

Open open!! I made this site with educational purpose. The sources that I scripted when I was teaching and studying Flash ActionScript is opened on this site. and I will keep up updating other sources. Visit if you need some resources about Flash actionScript.