TypeDrawing Simple and Lovely Drawing with Letters!

The Concept of TypeDrawing is really simple. Drawing with letters! Type a sentence or word you want to say, and then just draw.

TypeDrawing originally started with an online project in year 2005, and since so many people already have made their typography artwork by using TypeDrawing. You can see online TypeDrawing at https://www.storyabout.net/typedrawing/index.php or just google “typedrawing”. There are numerous stunning typedrawing artworks.

About TypeDrawing App
This is new version of TypeDrawing for iPhone and iPod touch which is derived from my online TypeDrawing Project. You can type a sentence, letters or words, choose a font and then scribble or doodle anything. Also you can email or upload to a website your TypeDrawing artwork.

Main Features
– Type a sentence or word
– Choose a font and color
– Choose a background paper or photo
– Save your artwork at Photo Album

Share Your Typography Artworks
You can share your TypeDrawing artwork at Flickr group.