The app for everyone who loves typography


If you love typography, It’s totally yours!

TypeDrawing is a really easy app to use, but it’s perfect for creating TYPOGRAPHY ART and UNIQUE WATERMARK over your photos. If you love typography, this poetic visual art app is absolutely yours.

Start by typing a sentence you want to say, and then just draw with your finger. This simple action leads you to make stunning typography arts and wallpapers.

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●for iPhone
●for iPad



●Any Language, Any Orientation

You can type and draw with any language, unicode, and even emoji icon. It supports any orientation, so you can make a typography art in any orientation you want.

– All languages are available as long as iOS supports
– Your texts will be saved automatically
– Option of Starting from the first letter
– 51 Fonts available
– Random typeface
– Control size & tracking(word-space)
– Option of Varying font size by finger speed (draw faster to make bigger text, draw slower to make smaller text)
●Color – Picker tab
– Standard HSV Color Wheel
– Option of drop shadow
●Color – Random tab
– Random Color (by setting the range of HSV)
– Use Eyedropper button or Tap & Hold anywhere to enable Eyedropper
– White, black, and Photo as background
– Photo Opacity Control

●Zooming & Panning

– Zooming & Panning with two fingers
– Double tap to quickly zoom in or out
– You can disable “Double tap to zoom” in Setting


– Save to Photo gallery
– PNG(1200×1600) or PDF to iTunes
– Replay the whole process of painting



– UI/GUI enhancements


– Hi-res PNG & PDF Export
– Photo Opacity Control
– Drawing performance enhancement
– Memory & Stability enhancements