Beautiful app for fun & zen

The breathtaking beauty of nature came from the laws of chance

Technically speaking, Artree is a tree-generator. With a tap of your finger, Artree’s sophisticated generative algorithm begins growing an amazingly beautiful living organism. Every tree has its own unique shape and life , so all you have to do is just letting it come through.

Our life and nature are filled with a number of coincidences, and sometimes it makes breathtakingly beautiful moments. Clear you mind with this artsy app. It is really relaxing, peaceful and original.

Make unique and novel patterns and background for web designs, page layouts, or illustrations with Artree.

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●for iPhone
●for iPad

●Tree & Forest mode by orientation

In portrait mode, one tree will grow. In landscape mode, a number of trees will grow one after another so that they make a beautiful forest.

●Drawing mode

If you draw a line in any orientation, it will turn into your own unique tree. It is generated based on your line.

●Tree Styles

There are 5 kind of tree styles. Each style is really cool. Make your own unique trees.



In setting screen, you can change the color, style, size(small↔bigger), and amount(less↔more) of each part – flower, leaf, node, and background.
You can also change the style of tree.

Tip: If you want no flower or no leaf, just set amount slider(less↔more) to the left end.

In color area, you can see the current color set at preview, and you can choose one of preset.


If you tap the regrow icon, tree will be regrown. If you want tree to regrow automatically, set the auto-regrow switch on.


You can send email on the go and save to photo gallery. Image resolution is 1024×1024 pixels which is perfect to set as iPad wallpaper.
If you want to export artree as high resolution image, tap ‘Email (Hi-res)’ button. It will make a great quality image so that you can set it as desktop wallpaper.

File format & resolution
– Save to Photos: JPG / 1024×1024
– Email: PNG / 1024×1024
– Email (Hi-res): PNG / 1600×1600

●Make your own unique wallpapers and show off to your friends!

After saving to photo gallery, you can set it as wallpaper. It is really beautiful and unique. Make your iPhone and iPad stand out from others!


●”Lullaby for Miss Green” by Swann Che

Swann Che is a sound artist and researcher based in Seoul. He studies, collects and reorganizes sound objects from memory, daily life, and computation.

▶Swann Che’s website



– Bug fixes: No leaves and flowers on iOS 3.2 or 3.2.1


– Tree & Forest mode by orientation
– Full support for any orientation
– Sound added (Music by Swann Che)
– 2 new flowers, 1 new background, and 1 new tree style added
– Save to photo gallery
– Export as 1024×1024 & 1600×1600 pixels size


– Email with PNG & PDF
– Perfect support for iPhone4 Retina Display
– Auto-Regrowing option added