Vector-based Typographic Illustratrion App only for iPad

Play with Type! It's so fun and creative!

TypePlay is totally for type lovers for all ages. TypePlay is a vector-based typographic illustration app, ideal for on-the-go typography art.

TypePlay is simple, fun to play, and can be used to make professional quality graphics. Share your TypePlay drawings with your friends and family.

Play with TypePlay anytime, anywhere, and discover your inner artistic beauty.
Imagine a crawfish made from pure text... now you can!

See Some Works With TypePlay

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●for iPad

●Vector Format
You can export your drawings as vector format, PDF. So you can print any size. If you are making typographic poster, tee, logo, or book cover, this is a best app.
Also you can save to photo album as JPEG, and email as PNG too.

●Any Language, Any Orientation
You can use type in any language. It also supports any orientation. Create typography art anytime, anywhere.

●Powerful Controls
All you need for handling types are on the control panel and tool bar. With them, You can manipulate types very easily, but sophisticatedly.

●Create type objects with your keyboard
- Set font, fill & stroke color, and line width of type object

●Create image objects from your photo library

●Smart free transform tool
- You can rotate and size at the same time, and size or rotate individually

●Copy, cut, and paste between drawings

●Duplicate objects

●Micro control (move, rotate, size)
- With free transform tool, of course you can translate, rotate, and scale objects, but it is difficult to control sophisticatedly though.
- Micro control buttons let you create art more precisely.

●Flip horizontally or vertically

●Group / Ungroup

- bring forward, bring to front, send backward, send to back

- Add, Delete, Rearrange, Merge, Duplicate, Opacity, Hide, Lock
- Tap thumbnail on layer to select all objects in layer

●Unlimited undo and redo support

●Set background color

●Fit to screen

●Two finger drag to zoom and pan

●Two finger tap to multi select

●Create your own gallery

●Set title of drawing
- Tap title to edit it

●Duplicate drawing

●Save to photo library

●Email drawings as PNG, PDF