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Portfolio site of Hansol Huh - ver.7
This Site is Under Reconstruction! 2011.4 ~

I am updating my portfolio site. It will take a few months. Thank you for your patience.
If you want to look around my site, please visit the old one.

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Artree Wins FWA MOTD 2011.4.29

Artree wins the FWA Mobile Of The Day (MOTD) Award for 29th April 2011.
FWA is an industry recognised award program, established in 2000, showcasing projects which use cutting edge technology, together with inspirational ideas, that lead the way for future generations.

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Artree Featured on 2011.4.13

Karen Freeman, a writer for, wrote a great review of Artree.
She said "Sit back, relax with iDevice in hand, listen to relaxing music and let ARTREE grow beautiful trees for you. It’s part art (enjoyment, more than creation) and part relaxation. It’s a great way to make custom wallpapers or simply get your zen on."
Give it a look!


Artree v2.0 is Released 2011.3.30

V2.0 support any orientation. Like before, in portrait mode, one tree will grow. In Landscape mode, the deep forest will show up before your eyes. It make really beautiful and peaceful scenary. Also, a peaceful music is added.

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Artree Featured in "Generative Art App in 2010" by Apple 2010.12

So honored that both Artree for iPhone & iPad are selected in "Rewind 2010: Generative art app" by Apple.

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Han-Gul Day Exhibition at Seoul Square, Seoul 2010.10

Participated in Han-Gul(meaning Korean) day exhibition to commemorate Han-Gul proclamation day.

Date 2010.10.08 ~ 2010.10.22
Place Seoul Square, Seoul Korea

Expression, Type Abstraction, and Men in Suits.
All three works are originally from my works in 2008, which were revised for this exhibition a little.

Expression: Three Consonants from his/her Name make his/her Expression on face. Korean usually have three letters for his/her name like 허한솔(Huh-Han-Sol). Each consonant from each letter is used for making eyes and mouth.

Type Abstraction: Abstract composition with Korean Consonants.
Inspired by 이응노(Lee Ung-No).

Men in Suits: 14 Korean Consonants are used for face of human wearing suit.
Inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe

Artree Exhibition at SK T-tower, Seoul 2010.8

Date 2010.08.05 ~ 2010.09.30
Venue COMO SKT-tower, W Seoul-Walkerhill
Organized by art center nabi, SK telecom

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Artree v1.0 is Released 2010.8

I've been interested in making trees using Flash & Processing since 2004. At this time, I remade a Tree-Generator with XCode which is more easy and fun to use, and also customizable. Artree is for both iPhone and iPad. But, with the iPad’s larger screen real estate, there’s simply more to love. This is, I think, part art and part zen.

►See old tree works: Tree for winter, Into the forest, Na-mu

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TypeDrawing for iPad Featured on TUAW 2010.5.31

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), my best Apple source site, published the article for TypeDrawing for iPad


Apple Placed a Big Banner for TypeDrawing for iPad on the First Page of the U.S 2010.5.28

TypeDrawing for iPad is feautured in "What's Hot" and placed in a big banner position on the first page of the U.S App store and several other European countries. Great start! :-)

TypeDrawing for iPad is Released 2010.5.19

One year after the launch of iPhone version, TypeDrawing for iPad is released now. With a bigger screen, users can draw much better. TypeDrawing for iPad supports all orientations, all colors, and all languages. It's for everyone who loves typography art.

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